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Nine months ago, I injured my back, which kept me from running for over six months. Run walk is the only reason I am able to train again. Now that I am on the mend, run walk provides me just enough rest to let me maintain my form, which, in turn, protects my back — and I can achieve my pace goals at the same time. Coach Brendan’s style of run walk is not just for recovery, though: it can be as challenging as you allow it to be, and I plan to continue to run walk my way through all my ten mil… Read more

Linda Hogan

Who We Are

Brendan Cournane is a USATF- and RRCA-certified running coach who has helped more than 5,000 runners reach their marathon goals.

He has completed 88 marathons, including each of the 50 States and all 7 Continents. Brendan has qualified for the Boston Marathon in over a dozen years and has completed Boston 6 times.

What We Offer

Coach Brendan blends his knowledge and experience to offer runners training programs to reach their goals.

Whether you are an elite runner or if you haven't run in years, Coach Brendan can make you better.

Good Form Will Carry You Through℠

Coach Brendan's training is built on helping you develop good running form to improve your efficiency.

Next Coach Brendan works with you to develop your running endurance, before moving to improve speed. A tested mix hard, easy, and cross-training days keeps you motivated, healthy, and improving.

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