Continuing Education

Mindfulness Sessions for Lawyers & Professionals

The development of legal professionals is both a time-intensive and expensive undertaking. As stress loads build, the investment can be threatened. I’ll help both the firm and the individuals understand how to identify and defuse stress loads before it is too late.

Give your team valuable self-care tools to help them reduce stress, encourage motivation, set and achieve goals, create loyalty and inspire breakthrough innovation.

Through my four decades as a partner in private practice, counsel for the public sector and training as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I am uniquely qualified to help your team grow, heal and achieve new levels of personal and professional success.

Keynote Presentations

Bring authenticity, inspire genuine positive change and complement your event’s theme with a keynote presentation.

As an accomplished professional speaker, I am ready to offer your team insights and inspiration from a 40-year career and life as a private and public sector attorney, mindfulness practitioner and running coach to thousands as a marathon master.


As part of an event, or as a stand-alone inflection point to support a demanding initiative, workshops are a powerful way to lift your team’s and individual performance. Workshops create a shared experience, provide new tools and a time to reflect, recharge and grow personally and professional.

I stand ready to use my skills and experience and training to craft a workshop that will meet your team’s unique needs so you can achieve new levels of fulfillment and success together.