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Running on LSD®


Keeping in contact is essential to continued progress.
I love keeping in contact with people from around the world that are energetic and motivated about endurance running and physical fitness.

I often send out tips and notices about new programs, events and web site improvements. Send me a note through the form below to get on the list and stay informed!

Along with my specialized training programs, I slow down from time to time and speak publicly to different groups of runners. From the novice to the advanced runner, my speaking topics are sure to spark your interest and boost your knowledge and motivation.

Motivational Speaking and Workshops topics include:

  • Getting Started–Beginning a running lifestyle
  • Mental Skills–Getting and staying motivated
  • Stretching and Core Strength
  • Benefits of ‘Run/Walk’ Training
  • Running Form and Efficiency
  • Base Building
  • Speed Training
  • The Benefits of Cross Training
  • Shoes and clothing
  • Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Use the form below to let me know when your group would like me to stop by and speak.

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