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“What’s Next?” – Savor the Achievement

By on 04/12/2013 in Running

Over the last few weeks, many people have congratulated me on achieving my goal of running a Marathon on all 7 Continents and in all 50 States.  Inevitably, this is followed in short order with the question – “What’s next?”  “What is your next goal?”

Many times in my life, I have achieved a goal and immediately set a new one.  It’s as though the recent achievement is never quite good enough and I need something bigger and, presumably, better.

But in doing so, I diminish the recent achievement.  Life can’t always be about constant movement.  There are times when a brief respite is necessary – a time for rest and recovery, before the next goal or challenge.

Sometimes, it takes time for the true nature of the accomplishment to set in.  This is one of those times where the “Next goal” is to be still for a time and smile.

More goals will be set, but for now, I’m content to savor the moment.

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