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Read what others have to say about my coaching.

If you had asked me 3 years ago if I was ever going to run a marathon, I would have told you that you were crazy! 5k’s and 10k’s were about all I could do, at least in my mind. But after meeting Coach Brendan, a parishioner and marathoner, who invited me to believe that 26.2 is possible, I have now completed my 5th marathon. Though I always enjoyed the short run, I never imagined myself running a marathon distance. Coach Brendan helped me believe in my abilities to do something so “unimaginable!”

Today, I stand tremendously grateful for the expertise, patience, and genuine kindness of Coach Brendan. Integrating his knowledge of mental preparedness and good physical form, along with so many helpful hints on how to accomplish the long distance race, crossing one hurdle at a time, has been an invaluable tool.

The greatest gift Brendan offers is his total attention. When he’s running next to you on the path his focus is totally on you as a runner. Listening to your concerns, helping you sort out the issues related to physical pain or pre-finish line exhaustion, Coach Brendan’s ability to enter your world and be present to your goal of being the best runner you can possibly be, are qualities any runner would want in their coach.

His passion for running and coaching is contagious. He doesn’t wear those chili pepper shorts for nothing!”

Fr. Tom Hurley – Pastor, Old St. Patrick’s Church Chicago

I had been a middle distance runner since 1971, and started doing marathons in 2002. My first four years of marathoning led me to a 4:42 PR. When I sought to break 4:30, I sought coaching that would deliver a combination of science and strategy that would enlighten my overall approach to training and execution.

The premier insight you shared was also about getting the mental element – setting goals and how to reach them. After a year of turning theory into practice, I took off with another personal and private goal, to run a 3:35. I came in at 3:34 and almost fainted. Not from the stress, but from the excitement!

I continued to follow your strategies. These days, I run at least one 20 miler every week…. Your speed work still takes more energy for me to complete, but worth far more than almost any other training, except that hill thing, too.

So, this Patriot’s Day, when I toe up to the line in Massachusetts, I will have yet another goal, to finish strong and run in the honor of the gentleman who brought me there. Coach, this next one is for you, sir!”

Bob Herskovitz – Deputy Regional Health Administrator, Region-V, HHS

Nine months ago, I injured my back, which kept me from running for over six months. Run walk is the only reason I am able to train again. Now that I am on the mend, run walk provides me just enough rest to let me maintain my form, which, in turn, protects my back — and I can achieve my pace goals at the same time. Coach Brendan’s style of run walk is not just for recovery, though: it can be as challenging as you allow it to be, and I plan to continue to run walk my way through all my ten milers, half marathons and triathlons next year!”

Linda Hogan

I completed my first half marathon in Miami (2004) and have gone on to finish many races thereafter with your coaching. You taught me what it meant to truly finish a race.

You have continued to teach me. Your patience and advice, even when I didn’t necessarily want to hear it, was exactly what I needed to hear. Your tips, “Good Form Will Carry You Through” are engrained in my brain.

You have molded me into what I am today as a runner. I am truly grateful for your friendship and coaching.”

Jayme Tipre – marathon runner and triathlete

Coach Brendan has the incredible ability to make you believe you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself. He also reminded me that running truly was a way to have fun. Throughout training, he makes a point of encouraging me and teaching me the proper form and technique, that helps me through those long runs.

He teaches everyone to be their best, and it doesn’t matter if you were fast or slow. I ran my first ever half marathon in January 2007 and I completed four half marathons in 2008. Not bad for someone who was going to quit during a 6 mile run.

He connects with runners of all levels on a personal basis. His skill and knowledge about coaching and motivating is only surpassed by his genuine concern for those he is training.”

Stan Siuta – Chicago