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Fr. Tom Hurley

By on 04/02/2014

If you had asked me 3 years ago if I was ever going to run a marathon, I would have told you that you were crazy! 5k’s and 10k’s were about all I could do, at least in my mind. But after meeting Coach Brendan, a parishioner and marathoner, who invited me to believe that 26.2 is possible, I have now completed my 5th marathon. Though I always enjoyed the short run, I never imagined myself running a marathon distance. Coach Brendan helped me believe in my abilities to do something so “unimaginable!”

Today, I stand tremendously grateful for the expertise, patience, and genuine kindness of Coach Brendan. Integrating his knowledge of mental preparedness and good physical form, along with so many helpful hints on how to accomplish the long distance race, crossing one hurdle at a time, has been an invaluable tool.

The greatest gift Brendan offers is his total attention. When he’s running next to you on the path his focus is totally on you as a runner. Listening to your concerns, helping you sort out the issues related to physical pain or pre-finish line exhaustion, Coach Brendan’s ability to enter your world and be present to your goal of being the best runner you can possibly be, are qualities any runner would want in their coach.

His passion for running and coaching is contagious. He doesn’t wear those chili pepper shorts for nothing!

Fr. Tom Hurley Pastor, Old St. Patrick’s Church Chicago

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Running on LSD®

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