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Run Your Best 5K or 10K

Athletes of all backgrounds can benefit from a training program. 

For those athletes beginning an exercise program, or who desire to run their first 5K or 10K, my training programs will help you get started and get into the habit of exercise. Whether you are interested in developing an exercise routine for health or fitness, or you wish to run a 5K or 10K, my schedules and encouragement will help you achieve your goals. If you are starting on an exercise program, having a goal race and a well-structured plan will keep you on track as you reach for your goal of completing that first 5K or 10K run.

For those athletes looking to improve their finish times in a 5K or 10K, a structured training program can improve your performance.

To run your best 5K or 10K (or maybe even your first 5K or 10K), examine your running history to determine your current level of fitness and select the appropriate training schedule for your current fitness level.  Be conservative in your selection as it is easier – both physically and psychologically – to move to a more aggressive schedule than to be too aggressive at the start of training and become injured.

To help you, I have designed 5 training programs for each of a 5K and 10K schedule.  Each schedule is 8 weeks long and will help you achieve your goals. Contact me at for more details.