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Marathon Training Plans

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Half and Full Marathon Training:

Since 1996 Coach Brendan has trained thousands of runners and helped them complete a full marathon or half marathon of their choice.  He has developed six (6) training programs – 3 for continuous running and 3 for run/walking to prepare you for your half or full marathon.

Coach Brendan’s 20-week full marathon training program will prepare you for any marathon.  Marathon training programs have been designed for the Boston Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, ING New York City Marathon, Disney Marathon Weekend (including the Goofy and Dopey Challenges), to name but a few.

Coach Brendan’s 12-week half marathon training program will prepare you for any half marathon.

Coach Brendan’s programs are created for runners of all personalities and experience levels. Whether you enjoy running in groups, individually or virtually, Coach Brendan has a program that will suit your style and fitness level.

Base-building, sharpening and tapering workouts are built into all schedules. Coach is always available to answer your training questions at group training runs and via email.

Run/Walk Training
If you’re new to running, or are returning to the sport after an injury or hiatus, consider a run/walk marathon training routine. Coach Brendan has written schedules for:

  • Basic run/walk;
  • Intermediate run/walk;
  • Advance run/walk.

Learn the basics of the run/walk strategy and select the appropriate run/walk intervals to suit your level of experience.

Continuous Running Training

Runners who prefer to run continuously during training and races can choose the following, based on level of experience:

  • Basic continuous running;
  • Intermediate continuous running;
  • Advance continuous running.

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