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Chicken Wings Are For Eating Not Running

By on 03/06/2013 in Running

Chicken Wings Are For Eating Not Running

A short while ago I wrote about beginning runners who cross their arms over the “Zipper Line” a short while ago. Today I want to give beginning runners something else to watch for so that they will have good form.

Sometimes when we get fatigued, our arm carriage changes and our body position often resembles the wings of a chicken—pulled up and close to the body. Our shoulders rise closer to our ears, as if we are shrugging and maintaining that shrug.

Like a chicken, we can’t fly very well with our arms held tightly to the sides of our bodies.

This relaxed arm swing is what we are looking for.

Chicken wings? No. This is an example of a nice relaxed arm swing.

The result is a shorter arm swing and, consequently, a shorter stride. By taking more strides, we use more energy to cover the race distance.

Soreness in the lower neck and shoulders is the body’s first signal of running with chicken wings. When you feel this tension, check your form. Relax your shoulders by dropping your arms to your side and shaking out your hands for 50 to 100 meters.

This simple action will relieve the stress in your neck and shoulders. You can then slowly bring your arms back to a normal position and refocus on a relaxed arm swing. It’s especially important for a beginner to run efficiently so as to finish the race. And, remember, good form will carry you through℠.

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