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3 Recommendations for Running Your Second Marathon

By on 05/22/2013 in Running

3 Recommendations for Running Your Second Marathon

Second marathon

Good form will carry you through℠ for your second marathon!

Oops, you’ve registered for a marathon again. You’ve already crossed this item off your list. But, if you are raising money for your favorite charity or for whatever reason, you’ve registered to run your second marathon. If you’ve recently run your first marathon, or if it’s been a few years (or longer), running your second marathon can have a few of its own hurdles. If your second time around is going to be a fall marathon, like the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, you should follow these three recommendations to prepare for the big No. 2.

1. You are not back to Square 1. You might not have been running a lot of miles or really long runs; and you might have forgotten the sacrifice and effort it took the first time around to train for and finish your first marathon. But you are not back to Square 1. You have been through this before, knowing there are highs and not-so-high points in training. The euphoria you remember at the finish line has a tendency to cloud the memory of the work it takes. Yes, you’re older. But you also are more experienced, and with that experience should be a level of confidence that you can again conquer this challenge.

2. Take a good look at where you are now. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself at the beginning of your training to your notion of the runner you were when you completed your first marathon. And do not compare yourself to the runner you WILL BE in 5 months. You might not have maintained the training schedule you had attained the first time around. Listen to your body, don’t set unrealistic expectations based on the past, and increase your mileage gradually – about 10 percent a week. As the weeks of training add up, you’ll notice that your running capability has progressed to where you want to be.

3. Remember to review, reset and recommit. Your second marathon is all about recommitting. Finishing it is your long-term goal. Use a combination of short-term and long-term goals as you progress through your training program. Every four to five weeks, evaluate your progress and review your goals. Based on your evaluation, you’ll reset and recommit, this time with a better understanding of what it took to get there. And remember, good form will carry you through℠!

Do you need help to prepare for your second marathon? Look into my 20-week marathon program. Together, we can set a training schedule that suited to your needs. I will also work with you throughout the season to maximize your performance on race day. Click this link for more details!

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