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3 Recommendations for Improving Boston Qualifier Times

By on 06/05/2013 in Running

3 Recommendations for Improving Boston Qualifier Times

3 Recommendations for Improving Boston Qualifier Times

3 Recommendations for Improving Boston Qualifier Times – If ya wanna run fast, ya gotta run fast!

Good form will carry you through℠

After the events on April 15, qualifying for the Boston Marathon has taken on added significance for thousands of runners. Getting a fast enough time in a Boston Qualifier isn’t an easy thing to do. At age 40, you have to have a qualifier at 3 hours 15 minutes for men, 3:45:00 for women; at 50, the times are 3:30:00 for men and 4:00:00 for women. (There are different times for various ages and genders.) But if it was easy, everyone would do it.

I’ve trained many runners who have qualified for Boston, and I, too, have qualified for over a dozen years. Quite a few of those runners had a lot of work to do to improve enough to meet the qualifying times. Over the years, I’ve come to believe that those runners who map out a plan and stick to it have a greater chance of success.

If you are training to run a Boston Qualifier, such as the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, here are three recommendations to improve your time.

1. Set realistic short-term goals. Setting realistic goals is important, because the risk of sustaining an injury due to overtraining can derail your overall goal. Time a 5K early in the season and again after several weeks of training. This will help you to view your progress with a better perspective. Check the predictor charts to be sure your 5K times project close to the Boston Qualifier pace.

2. Endurance before speed. Build your base mileage before too much speed work.  As much as half of the training season should be devoted to base-building mileage and pacing. A strong base sets the stage for the increased stress level of speed training.

3. Train your whole body. Core strength leads to better and faster running. Strengthening the muscles in your trunk and hips helps develop a strong physical base which leads to better posture and running form. A great way to do that is hill work. Another great workout is running on a sandy beach. Both workouts develop running efficiency. And always maintain good running form because we know that “good form will carry you through℠!”

If ya wanna run fast, ya gotta run fast! If you are an experienced runner looking to prepare for a Boston Marathon Qualifier, look into my 18-week Speed Training Program. This program coincides with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, but the schedule fits well for most other half or full marathons in late summer or fall. Runners should have been training consistently for at least six months; running at least 25 miles a week; and completed a race of at least 10 miles within the last 9 months at a pace per mile of 9:30 per mile or faster. Click on my Speed Training Program for more information.

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