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3 Recommendations for Buying Running Shoes

By on 05/29/2013 in Running

3 Recommendations for Buying Running Shoes

Recommendations for running shoes

Running shoes – now is a good time to buy them before the Chicago Marathon.

Beginning runners or charity runners sometimes don’t know one of my rules for success on the day you run a marathon – nothing new on race day! If you are a beginning marathoner, remember that this encompasses what you eat, the clothes you wear, and, especially, the shoes you put on your feet. If you are going to run in a fall marathon, like the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, you should follow these three recommendations when you look for running shoes.

Let’s buy two … pair, that is. Now is the time to shop for running shoes if you are going to run in the Chicago Marathon or another fall marathon. If possible, buy two pair of running shoes and rotate them throughout training. This helps prolong the life of the shoes and better protect our feet.

Running shoes have a useful life of 300 – 450 miles, depending upon our running biomechanics and the surface of our running path. For most of us, midsoles of the shoes begin breaking down in the 200 – 250 mile range. We can’t see damage to the midsoles by looking at our shoes – but our bodies know when midsole cushioning starts to wear out and tells us with aches and pains in the ankles, shins, knees, and hips.

Pick the right time of the day to shop for shoes. Late afternoon or evening is an ideal time to go shoe shopping. I recommend buying your shoes at the end of the day or after finishing a run. Our feet are the smallest size when we first awaken, and swell a bit during the day or when running. It is best to buy shoes when our feet are slightly larger to simulate the feel of the shoes during a long run.

Take your time, and get some help. I recommend getting properly fitted at a specialty running store in your area. Talk to the professionals and try several pairs of shoes (different brands and styles) to find the most comfortable and well fit shoes for YOUR feet. Remember, a size 7 in one brand may be fairly different than a size 7 in another brand. And go for a run on the treadmill at the store, or down the street to see how they feel when running.

With a good pair of running shoes (or two), you are ready to show that good form will carry you through! So get your shoes, because my 20-week marathon program has already begun! Contact me now, and we can develop a program geared to you. I will also work with you throughout the season to maximize your performance on race day. Click this link for more details!

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