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3 Recommendations for Beginning Your Marathon Training

By on 05/15/2013 in Running

3 Recommendations for Beginning Your Marathon Training

Chicago Marathon

The goal for many of you.

First-time marathon runners have a special challenge ahead of them. If you are just beginning a running program, and you are training for a fall marathon, like the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, you should follow these three recommendations to begin your marathon training. If you do, you’ll find that the training will come more naturally, and you’ll improve as you gain fitness.

1. Start slowly, and run to your abilities. It takes time to build your body up, about 20 weeks if you are a beginner. Also, consider your current abilities. There is no rush. When completing your workouts, run at a pace that is true to your own fitness level. Don’t compare yourself to a friend, family member, or a running partner. Your training will be most successful when you listen to your body.

2. Rest up. Yes, you have been resting now for many years. But when you begin to train for a marathon, you will put stresses on your body that is it is not used to. Your body needs to recover from the stress of training to stay healthy. Adequate rest is just as important as proper training. Enjoy your time off so you’re fresh and ready for the next challenge your training will bring.

3. Have a plan. You should set specific achievable goals and measurable targets. As a beginner, you’ll want to start off slowly. I recommend starting off with a less aggressive schedule. As you train, as you prepare, by gradually increasing your mileage, you’ll begin to realize that what seemed Impossible has become Improbable and what seemed Improbable will become the Inevitable! Remember, good form will carry you through℠!

Do you want help in preparing? Look into my 20-week marathon program. I will work with you to provide a training schedule suited to your needs and experience level. I will also work with you throughout the season to maximize your performance on race day. Click this link for more details!

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