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2015 Marathon Training

Memorial Day means the beginning of summer and the time to start training for your fall marathon!

Don’t train for your marathon alone.  Run with Coach Brendan Running along Chicago’s lakefront path on Saturday mornings.  Click here for registration information.

This 20-week program will help prepare you for running or run/walking a fall marathon.  The training program coincides with the date of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 11, 2015, and the training schedule fits other half and full marathons in the fall season such as Dublin, Marine Corps, New York and others. 

Coach Brendan will work with you to provide a training schedule suited to your needs and experience level.  He has completed 89 marathons, including one in each of the 50 States and all 7 Continents (yes, there is a marathon in Antarctica which he has run), and 7 Boston Marathons.

He uses his experience as a coach to guide you to your best marathon experience.

Group training runs are available on Saturday mornings at 6:00/6:30 a.m.  First group run to be conducted on Saturday, May 30, 2015.

  We run along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront running path.  We begin and end our runs at Road Runner Sports, 1435 North Kingsbury, a short warm-up from the lakefront path.

Can’t participate in group trainings but want to use Coach Brendan’s Marathon Training Program?  Register for Virtual Training Option – all benefits except participation in Saturday group runs.

Whether you are new to running or training for a Boston Qualifier, Coach Brendan can help you get the most out of your training.  He has prepared six training schedules, 3 for continuous running and 3 for run/walking a marathon.  Upon registration, you will complete a questionnaire and Coach Brendan will assist you in selecting the training schedule best suited to your current condition.

He will work with you throughout the season to maximize your performance on race day.

And for experienced runners trying to improve speed and endurance, follow Coach’s mantra:  “If ya wanna run fast, ya gotta run fast!”

Improve your race times with Coach’s 18-week Speed Training Program.  This Speed and Endurance Training Program is designed for the long distance runner preparing for a half or full marathon in late summer or the fall.

This 18-week Speed Training Program will help experienced runners improve running times and race performance by building strength, endurance and speed.  While the training program targets a race date of October 11, 2015, coincident with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, the schedule fits well for most other half or full marathons in late summer or fall.

Register here for Speed Training.

Recommendations for Speed Training Program:

Participants should have been training consistently for at least six months; running at least 25 miles a week prior to the start of the programs on June 9, 2015; and have completed a race of at least 10 miles within the last 9 months at a pace per mile of 9:30 per mile or faster.

Register for both the Speed Training and the Long Run Training Programs and save with Combination Program discount!